Judas followed Jesus in the body, yet his heart was so far from him. We must be careful not to fall into cultural Christianity where we follow Christ with our tradition yet be caught up in this world and its deceitful riches. Judas is a representation of church folks who attend church meetings but have no relationship with Jesus. Our hearts can become corrupted like Judas if we see Jesus for our purposes, financial gain or political power instead of Him using us for his purpose.


  • Luke 22:1-6
  • John 6:70-71
  • John 13:26-30
  • 1 John 2:18-19
  • Matthew 7:21-23


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  1. Brother Russell June 16, 2018 at 12:40 am

    “My Joy” is the “Milk of the Word” added to help me to digest the “Meat of the Word”. God’s Word has, again,. helped me to perceive and receive His Truths that I may grow. Meaning, it has been made so plain that Jesus, in His humanity has shown me/us His Spirituality when in the two instances of telling Peter “To get thee behind me Satan” (Matt. 16:23) and Judas “What thou doest,, do quickly”. (John 13:27), that He, Jesus, was knowingly in His spirituality (TALKING TO THE SPIRIT OF SATAN AND NOT THE NATURAL MEN IN/OF THEIR FLESH).
    There JOY, PEACE & LOVE at Life In Christ Church..


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